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House of the dead Headquaters

A RolePlay group based on a well familiar game~

Admin: Lucy-Curien and Jessica-Curien (Also the founders of HOTDRP-da)

Co-Admin: ProjectGH0ST

Disclaimer: All characters in this project are not owned by anyone in this RP, excluding the OC's if any. All characters of House of the Dead are played for fun. All characters belong to SEGA

The RP Headquarters has been moved to, although the RP here is inactive the RP there is alive and gaining members frequently, see you there.

By Lucy-Curien [N/A.N/A.10]

:new:What's New?
This section contains the latest updates.

:new: ProjectGH0ST Tutorial:

By Jessica-Curien&ProjectGH0ST


Hope to see you all there


:target:I Spy with my wittle eye.....That this group is new....BAM!!!! :new:


:new: I've finally decided that our main antagonist will be...:iconprojectgh0st: Since House of the Dead doesn't have one.

:new: We have about...4 members. Well, thats a start. But come on people we need more members, so please tell your friends about this RP kay'?


Admin Chat: (Genome Ward)…
Community Chat: (Curien Mansion)…

:community: Members!

:community: Ocs


:dead:Terminated Accounts
These accounts are not a part of this RP group anymore:
Due to inactivity:

Relinquished accounts:

:new::target:Rules with Relinquished accounts!
If you choose a character who has previously existed in the roleplay, be sure to change the email address varification to prevent hacking.

:dance: We host birthdays! Here's the list!


:Cake: Does your OC have a birthday? Note us and you'll see it there.

:?How to Join

1. Choose a character from the remaining character list(down below).
2. Send this account a note(please have a subject such as "Application: (name)", it makes categorizing the notes much easier), and fill out the following form:

Call me a derp-head. We're very easy to accept. You ARE welcome to skip the questions with a strike, but your chances of joining will be slim as the group gets bigger. We recommend to have a go at those questions, it's a small ask.

a)Which character would you like?:
b) Why do you want to roleplay as this character?:
c) How will you portray this character?:
d) Show me your roleplaying abilities, please. Type a short monologue(no longer than a paragraph) about a subject of your choice.
e) How many times per week would you be able to check your messages? BE HONEST.:
f) Do you agree with the rules?:
g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to roleplay as?

3. After you have been accepted and created an account, please don't forget to submit an introduction journal. You may choose to stay anonymous, or to state your real account in your journal.

:?How to Join (OC)

People wishing to apply for OC characters will have to fill out this form. Please note that if you do not type proper sentences I will most likely ignore the request altogether. I don't want to see MSN-speak, or 1337, or anything of that sort, unless it's all supposed to be part of the character. If the form is not filled out your request will be promptly ignored.

Type of character (Human, Zombie, Boss, etc...)-
Physical Description-
Mental Description-
Powers and Abilities-
b)Please write a monologue showing me that you have the ability to role play.
c)How many times a week you think you could check your comments?
d)Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No)

:target:RULES: Canons

1. Please stay in character most of the time. This helps to bring the characters to life.
2. Keep your online statues visible, that way we can keep track of your activity. If you remain offline for more than six weeks, you will be removed. If I call you on inactivity, and you really HAVE been active, then give me proof. Provide a link to a thread you've been active on.
3. If you are going on a vaction, please inform everyone by creating a journal, and state how long you will be gone.
4. Be nice to everyone. Minimum slang is allowed but don't overdo it.
5. Do check your spelling before posting. In other words; proof read! You're most likely excused anyway.
6. You don't have to talk to only the members of this RP group, feel free to explore other groups, as long as there are no complaints.
7. Pairings are allowed at full extent, but please do not make it the top priority here! It'd be nice to post fanart or fictions for all of us to enjoy~ If you wish to express the pairings here, please remember to stay in character if desired.

:Target:RULES: For the OCs

1. You can go and act like the canon characters already knew your character. They could be related to the canon characters. But you should introduce your character to them first.
2. Your character will be fully accepted only if they have an icon. This way it will be easier for the role-players to get used to your OC’s existence. See Jessica-Curien For help.
3. Never ever (ever) forget to submit an introduction journal just like the rest of the team. OC introductions are really important, because we don’t know anything about them. Please don’t let your OCs be too High and Mighty. Please Use your imagination! Determine which characters do you want to role-play with and choose your character’s personality according to them.
For OC's or Bosses, you're welcome to post their stats.
4. You can have OC accounts even if you have an RP account. They’re limitless.
5. All twin characters alright, As long as they don't get overused.

:date:RULES: For All Couples
1. CanonxCanon straight = yes.
2. CanonxCanon gay = Yes, but ONLY on note, And the other person must agree.
3. Canon children= Yes.
4. CanonxOC Straight or Gay = Note Only
5. OCxOC straight = yes.
6. OCxOC gays = Same as CanonxCanon gays.
7. OC children = Note only.

It can't be much simpler than that!


You can have two canon characters from the same group, now with a maximum of owning three canon characters! However, it is recommended you don't be a pig here. If you can't handle it, let us know if you're dropping an account. And remember; OCs are limitless!

Remaining Characters:


:groups: Affiliate(s)
If you want to be an affiliate too, send us a note!


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Dinzydragon Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011  Student
Hi HOTDRP remember me

All hail to Danny Phantom, Jake Long and Ron Stoppable fan club!
Dark-Specter-Love Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
ehmk hello
zekeNskullers Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Student Filmographer
Hi i am zeke also know as HOTD-Jim and this is the information and the Oc character's role play hope you enjoy it

namaaa Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010  Student Interface Designer
tnkxs the fav
HOTDRP-da Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
namaaa Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Aka958 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Well here goes nothing:

a)Name- Fredrik Francoís

Age- 16

Sex- Male

Type of character (Human, Boss, Zombie, etc...)- Human who likes to study science

Physical Description- ... I use the metric system and I count weight in kilos but: About 1,76 metres tall and weights around 68 kilos, does not have much to muscles and is rather thin. Has brown hair, brown eyes, wears typical white scientist clothes with glasses and has a typical nerdy voice.

Mental Description- Sees himself as a person of knowledge. Quick to think about how to avoid himself in life threatening situations but always screws up in conversations with others. He stumble across his own words as he wants to say too much too fast and thus makes him not that good at progressing in discussions. He defends himself with witty words against those who are offensive and believes that knowledge beats power.

Powers and Abilities- Quick wits and reflexes. Ability to keep his mind calm and cool in even the most stressfull and dangerous of situations.

b)Please write a monologue showing me that you have the ability to role play.
"Have you seen my stapler? A little hint, it's red. Thanks."

c)How many times a week you think you could check your comments?
Unless something would happen and I would be unavailable one day I would guess 5-7 days per week.

d)Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No)
Well, the rules are kind of sexistic (gay couples can only be gay couples on note for example) but I think I can understand why. So I agree with the rules. Yes.

Could anyone elaborate how I could get a character icon or should I just snatch a character icon from a game and use him?
HOTDRP-da Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Hmm...That was great accepted. You could do what you'd like with the Icon and I was thinking maybe you could be Daniel Curien...:shrug: Maybe that would work too.

Aka958 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Sure. I think I can be Daniel Curien.

But I really made an effort doing that character. Can't I keep him? ._.
HOTDRP-da Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
Indeed you are definitely one of the most interesting humans I've met in this RP group you can have multiple accounts and we wanted to see how well you could play as both your oc and daniel we think you've got what it takes and more your app was excellent I think you have the correct attitude to get the job done.

congrats and welcome to the RP
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